Dark Water Designs

If you have a question or a problem with any purchase from Dark Water Designs, please feel free to contact me in Second  Life.  We strive for excellent customer service and try to get any problems resolved within 24 hours whenever possible.  My IMs go to email, so if I am not online, leave me a message or drop me a notecard.  Please be sure to include your name, date of purchase, and all pertinent information such as transaction numbers, exact problem, best time to reach you, etc. so that I can get back to you with an answer, not just a series of "Hi, what's the problem?" missed messages back and forth.

Items are sold mod/copy/no trans in most cases.  If you wish to give something as a gift, most items are available on Marketplace, which has a gift option, or you can contact me directly before purchasing the item and I am happy to deliver the item myself, giftwrapped, to your intended recipient.  We do not refund accidental purchases, with the exception of duplicate purchases. 

Most clothing items are sized for an average female or male shape and can be adjusted by the buyer for a perfect fit.  If you are having problems with sizing, please feel free to contact me, most times I am able to help get it fitting just right. The decision not to use sizing scripts in my prim clothing pieces at this time was/is a deliberate one, to help cut down on lag from the sizing scripts which so many people do not remove from the clothing once they have it fitted.

Custom work (specific colors, fabrics, etc) can be negotiated, and in most cases the rate is the normal cost of the item plus 50%, depending on the complexity of the changes desired. Customized items are NEVER sold in the store, they remain one-of-a-kinds for the person who purchased them.

Thank You for your interest in Dark Water Designs!

~ Shadowed Luik, owner

In-World Store SLurl: coming soon...new location!
SL Marketplace URL: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/39898